4 Reasons To Upgrade To Motorized Shades


Adjusting hard-to-reach window treatments is a big hassle. If you are tired of manually adjusting your blinds, consider upgrading to motorized shades. Motorized shades are designed with convenience in mind. As their name implies, motorized shades raise and lower through a motor.

Available in a range of fabrics, motorized shades can be customized to fit different types of windows. Here are some compelling reasons to upgrade to motorized window shades in Sonoma.

Energy Efficiency

HVAC systems have to work hard during heating and cooling seasons. Your HVAC often goes into overdrive to maintain a comfortable home temperature. A stressed system draws more energy than normal.

A smart motorized shade can be connected to a smart home hub. This allows the shade to react independently to temperature readings from sensors (also connected to the smart home hub).

When you connect your motorized shades to your smart home hub, they will automatically close during the hottest part of the day in summer and open during a sunny day in the winter to maximize heat gain. This can help reduce stress on your HVAC.


Many people find getting up to shift the position of their blinds annoying and inconvenient. If you hate to manually adjust your blinds multiple times a day, upgrading to motorized shades can be an ideal option for you.

Motorized blinds can be operated with a touch of a button. Many advanced variants can be controlled by an app, a smartphone, or a remote control. You can even set schedules for automatic opening and closing.

Enhanced Home Security

Burglars are more likely to target vacant houses. You can monitor different parts of your house when you are home, but what happens when no one is home?

Motorized shades can help create the illusion that someone’s home at all times. You can schedule your motorized shades to lift and lower on a timer while you are at work or out of station for vacation. This creates the illusion that someone’s home!

Laser Marking

Videojet laser systems comply with all safety regulations, guaranteeing safe operation and complete service support from trained professionals. Laser do znakowania is a cost-effective and safe option that can help your company expand.


The cords used to operate manual blinds can be a hazard to pets and kids. Children and pets often mistake cords for toys.

A child can accidentally wrap a loose cord around their neck and strangle themselves. It is estimated that at least one child dies from being entangled in cords from manual blinds and shades every month. Most motorized blinds are cordless, which makes them a better alternative to traditional blinds, especially if you have kids or pets at home.

The way your motorized window shades are installed has a major impact on their lifespan and performance. Our team at Sync Systems Inc. comprises home automation experts with decades of experience in installing motorized blinds. We plan every project down to the last detail. To discuss your requirement with a home automation expert near Sonoma, call 707-799-9558.