4 Benefits of Installing Business Video Surveillance Systems


A commercial video surveillance system consists of cameras, recorders, and monitors/display units. A business video surveillance system can be used to surveil the interior or exterior of a property. The footage recorded by a video surveillance system can be used in investigations and as evidence in court.

Here are some compelling reasons to install a business video surveillance system to monitor your facility 24/7.

Prevent Employee Theft

Employee theft is a major concern for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It costs businesses in the U.S. around $50 billion annually.

It is estimated that around 33 percent of businesses are pushed into bankruptcy and ultimately close down due to losses caused by employee theft.

Installing a video surveillance system is one of the most effective ways to prevent insider threats. When employees know they are being watched, they are less likely to steal.

Installing cameras in areas where employees check-in will prevent payroll fraud. If you own a retail store, install cameras in point of sale locations and high-value item storage areas.

Monitor and Secure Limited Access/Restricted Areas

In most companies, there are certain areas where sensitive data is used and stored. These areas should be surveilled 24/7.

A surveillance system will discourage unauthorized employees from trying to gain access to sensitive areas. If sensitive data is stolen or destroyed, your security team will be able to discover who was in the area when the event occurred.

Advanced surveillance systems can help prevent data theft. They come equipped with motion detection sensors that alert the system admins whenever a person enters the area.

Protect Your Business From Potential Liability Lawsuits

An employee or visitor can bring a false liability lawsuit against your business. Publicized disputes can tarnish the reputation of your business. If the judge rules against your business, it will be held legally and financially responsible for damages.

A liability lawsuit can be devastating. It can cost you thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. A business surveillance system can help protect your business from liability.

If an employee or a visitor falsely claims they were injured while working or visiting your property, you can use surveillance footage from your surveillance system to negate their claim.

Improve Employee Productivity

On average, businesses lose about 4.5 hours per employee every week due to time theft. When employees know they are being monitored, they are less likely to take extra-long breaks for no reason and engage in unproductive activities.

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