3 Must-haves for a High-end Home Theater


Why go to the movies when you can bring the theater home? A home theater system will make trips to the movie hall passé. High-end home theater systems are revolutionizing the movie-watching experience around the world. You can use your home movie theater as a gathering area where you and your friends can get together to watch your all-time favorite movies or the big game.

If you’re considering a home theater installation in Healdsburg, make sure your home theater has these components to maximize your home experience.

High-end speakers

Your audio system should provide an immersive experience. It should consist of one or two powered subwoofers, a home theater receiver, a center channel speaker, two or four surround speakers, front left and right speakers, and in-ceiling or upward-firing speakers if you want overhead sound effects.

It is imperative that you place your speaker system correctly. Accurate speaker placement will maximize your movie-viewing experience. Your front left/right speakers should flank the display. Try to place both speakers on the same plane, meaning they should be at the same height as each other.

Place the center channel speaker as close to the screen as possible. Its tweeter should be at the same height as your left and right channel tweeters.

If your room does not allow for this placement, place the center channel speaker immediately below or above your display’s centerline. The main surround speakers should be placed above ear level.

Projector Screen

Your projector screen can make or break your movie-watching experience. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the right projector screen.

When selecting a screen, determine the screen size based on important factors such as room dimensions, room design, and seating configuration. Select the type of screen you want.

When selecting the appropriate aspect ratio, consider the type of applications you will be projecting. Choose a projector screen material based on the environment in which the screen will be used and your viewing requirements.

The projection screen should be placed in a way to allow the positioning of the center speaker behind it. Place the projector on the wall, just behind the seating area. If you have enough space, plan for a dedicated projection booth that will mask any annoying noises from the projector.

If you are confused between two or more seemingly equal good options, reach out to a home theater system installation service in Healdsburg for help.


The right lighting will not only enhance your movie-watching experience, it will reduce eye strain. Use dimmable and accent lighting designed to achieve the desired effect. Home theater sconce lights are often used for lining hallways.

Hanging light fixtures are great for illuminating different areas. Mountain light fixtures are available in a range of shapes and styles and are usually used to complement the theater’s overall style.

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