3 Compelling Reasons To Invest In Remote Control Blinds And Shades


Manually operated blinds and shades are a waste of time. You have to get up from your seat every time you want to adjust a them as the sun moves throughout the day. It may seem like no big deal, but you will realize that you spend a lot of time adjusting your blinds if you pay attention.

Moreover, manually adjusting blinds or shades is inconvenient. If you’d rather not have to worry about adjusting your blinds and shades multiple times a day, replace them with their remote-controlled counterparts.

Here are some benefits of remote control shades in Santa Rosa.

Help you Save Energy

A typical home can lose around 30% of its cool air through windows. When the temperature in your home rises, your AC goes into overdrive. It works harder and longer to maintain a comfortable temperature, causing a rise in your energy bill.

Motorized shades and blinds can raise and lower on their own at peak times during the day, helping reduce strain on your AC. When you connect your remote control blinds to temperature and sunlight sensors, they can sense when your home is too warm, and instead of blasting your AC, it will lower to keep the sun out.

Offer Maximum Safety for Kids and Pets

The cord of a manual blind or shade can pose a serious risk to a child’s or pet’s safety. Curious kids and pets can mistake cords for toys and accidentally hurt themselves.

Given the fact that one child dies from blind cord strangulation every two weeks in the country, it would be a grave mistake to underestimate the danger of window blind cords. Motorized window blinds do not have cords and are 100% safe for pets and kids.

Protect Your Home When You’re Away

Most burglars target unoccupied homes. When you go out of town and your blinds or shades do not open for days, burglars will know that you’re not home and might try to break into your home.

Motorized shades can help you keep your home safe and secure even when you are away by creating the illusion that you are home. You can program your motorized shade or blind to open and close during particular times of the day to make it seem like you’re home when you’re not to deter burglars from targeting it.

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