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We all need to break free from the mundane every once in a while. A vacation can do wonders for your mental and emotional health. Unfortunately, burglars get as excited as you when you leave for a vacation. Home intruders love unoccupied homes so it’s no wonder most break-ins occur when no one’s home.

Returning from a rejuvenating vacation to find their home was broken into and ransacked is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to beef up your home security before leaving for a vacation.

Here are some simple ways to burglar-proof your home before leaving for a vacation from Sonoma commercial security system experts, Sync Systems.

Install a...

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The latest in video surveillance, 4k resolution cameras deliver over eight times clearer images than traditional 720p cameras. The images from a 4k camera look clear, crisp, and realistic, not pixelated. However, not all 4k cameras are created equal. A low-quality 4k camera will fail to capture clear images.

To help you make an informed decision, we take a look at the remarkable features of the best 4k cameras on the market that are commonly used as surveillance systems at homes in Santa Rosa.

Video Quality

If a burglary occurs at your property, surveillance footage can be used to identify the perpetrators. Surveillance footage can also be used as evidence in court.

If the surveillance footage i...

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Like all other technology, every home security system needs an update. This could be my personal preference or necessity. As these systems age, they may begin to malfunction and call for an upgrade. Listed below are the top reasons, according to smart home companies in Sonoma County, as to why it is the perfect time to upgrade your existing security system.

The System is Outdated – This is obvious. It is a good idea to upgrade your home security system at least once every 10 years. This is about the time when components begin to malfunction which can lead to false alarms. An update will give you an alarm system that has the latest capabilities.

Going Wireless – If you like to stay...

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